Friday, September 18, 2009

Be Bop Re Bop

I woke up at four thirty this morning and I was starving.
So I fixed something to eat.
But I can't eat alone so I turned on the television.
And a Glenn Ford movie was just starting.
And you know Glenn Ford.
Glenn's a righteous man
A passionate man
Always at odds with himself or society, or both
And it weights heavy on his soul.
And he's loud
And he wrings his hands
and wipes the sweat from his brow
And he thinks out loud
And he's indignant when people don't see it his way
And this movie was no different.
He worked for an airline and was investigating a plane crash.
And fifty three people were dead, damn it
And he needed to know why.
But Glen was a little too righteous, a little too passionate, a little too at odds, a little too indignant, and a little too loud this morning
So I turned off the television and here I am.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I had such a nightmare last night that I woke up at five thirty and didn't even think about going back to bed until seven thirty.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If you touch it, you bought it.

Hey, it's me again.
Can't sleep.
How about you?
I'm listening to music right now.
Sort of sad folky music from the mid 60's.

I wonder if Asian girls with dragons tattooed on their backs like sad folky music from the mid 60's?
Yeah, it's pretty late.
Just after three in the morning, so I'll probably be sleeping till around noon again today, and I almost typed till noon tomorrow, but tomorrow is already today, and I hope I don't forget to make my meds again today.
Fucking bug is attacking my monitor. One of those little no see me's.(mes?)
Go find your own fucking light to be fucking attracted to(too?)

Whoa, I almost lost consciousness there for a second.

Anyone want to fuck, fight, or philander?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is your boat still floating?

I'm going to take a shower now.
Did I mention that I shaved my head?
It's cool, but now I have all this shampoo.
Ok, I still use the shampoo, but I just don't use as much.
Is this post going anywhere?
I think this is why I stopped posting in here.
My new tattoo itches, and is flaking.
Or is it flaking and itching?
I don't care.
There is a plastic rat on my desk.
Film at eleven.

Just another day

Hey, how you doing?
I was going to post something tonight, but I got caught up with emails.
I have a lot of correspondence with women in prison, and they get kind of pissed off if you don't email them right back, I mean RIGHT BACK!

What can I say, confined chicks dig me.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Something, something, ass, ass, ass.

Man, my fucking back really fucking hurts.
It's my lower back that hurts tonight.
But fuck that.
Did I tell you that I shaved my head?
Did I tell you that I got a giant dragon tattoo on my back?
Did I tell you that I just ate two peanut butter sandos at three in the morning?
What is it about me and three in the morning.
It's like I don't start feeling awake until three in the morning.
And more importantly, why do I find actress Jane Adams so incredibly sexy?

Jane Adams, the actress that I find incredibly sexy, and maybe I should write her a fan letter and tell her my true feelings, or better yet, maybe I should write some fan fiction where Jane Adams and I are stranded alone together on some desert island where our lives alone together are like the plot of an FX sitcom, where we can say shit once an episode and have fleeting blurred glimpses of my ass, and on and on and on and on and on, then suddenly ... I wake up in a cold sweat, my wife by my side, a wife that looks nothing like Jane Adams, and then I really honestly wake up for real listening to some song by Steve Earle, or Sheryl Crow, or They Might Be Giants, or the Pogues, or the Ditty Bops, or Jenny Lewis, or the Old 97s.
The end, while I am still ahead.
And how did I get tangled up in all these wires?

Sometimes strange people are just strange.

So, I watched a movie tonight.
Ok, it wasn't a great movie.
Ok, it wasn't even a good movie.
Ok, it was barely a movie, but it was the kind of movie that I wanted to watch tonight, and it was, WAIT FOR IT ... House Bunny.
Yeah, the one where the former playboy bunny becomes a house mother to a broken down sorority, and I guess it was like a female virgin, I mean version, of Revenge of the Nerds, but not as funny, and not as good, but it was what I wanted to see, because I've been thinking some really heavy thoughts lately, and I needed a moron movie, and is that the way to spell lately, well, it will be after spellcheck.

And this is Connie Kreski my favorite playboy playmate of all time.

And I think she was my favorite playmate of all time was because I was seventeen, and she was the first playmate of the first playboy that I ever bought, and I hung her centerfold up in my closet in my bedroom, and I would stare wistfully at her for hours on end, well, I would stare wistfully at her for hours on end when I wasn't pretending I was Jim Morrison of the Doors in front of the mirror in my bedroom.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jesu7s Christ, I mean Jesus Christ without the 7

So, I was just just surfing around, and I found an old blog by an old blogger who doesn't blog anymore, and he had a link to a blogger that is still blogging, and that blogger who is still blogging had a link to here ... HERE!!!
Seriously, has it really been ... (March, April, May, June, July, August, September) six months since I posted, and was my last post really post 1398, and if it was, why didn't I at least stick around till I made post number 1400, and I think I'm going to post a picture of a half naked celebrity just for old times sake.

Here's to you Zooey Deschanel, Jesus loves you more than you will know

Woo, woo, woo.
Edited to add that she really isn't half naked, but in my mind she is.